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I design and create exclusive, customizable handmade macramé and micro-macramé jewellery that are light-weight, colourful and durable. I also experiment a lot and like to fuse techniques to achieve unique effects (you can see this in my collections). My jewellery is individually handcrafted and finished perfectly. 

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My Story

Hi all, welcome to my store. I am Nikhila, ex-biologist, ex-freelancer, and presently, full-time mom and crafter.

My first memories of crochet and macramé was when my mom taught me the basics (She is one of my sources of inspiration to this day). We used to spend many afternoons crafting side by side companionably.  I got so involved in these that I decided to make it my full-time activity.

The Yarn Artisan Store is my latest baby which I founded in 2018 (I also have an extremely active 4 year old). Having had no academic or technical background in business, my journey has been challenging. But I am determined to make my passion of handicrafts my vocation. My mantra is to ensure top quality products through the use of top quality raw materials and experimentation. I believe in perfect finish when it comes to my products, especially jewellery. My decade as a freelancer has taught me time management and I use the strategies I have learnt to deliver quality products within the said time line. A happy customer makes my day and a great customer experience is what I strive for to give in every order I receive.

Feel free to browse around and send me a note in case of doubts. Please spread the word and stay safe.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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