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Returns/Refund Policy

Each item that you purchase has been made by hand and lots of love, dedication, and effort has gone behind each stitch or knot. I therefore suggest that you make sure of your needs before you make a purchase.


I DO NOT take returns/refunds for customized orders and made-to-order items (orders with products that have been altered in any way (size, color, type, and nature of raw materials, etc.). A lot of creator-client (me and you) discussion goes on before I make such orders and so it is taken for granted that both parties are in approval.

ONLY for non-customized items (products purchased exactly as they are in the website without any changes or alterations needed), in the rare occasion that your purchase does not satisfy you, I gladly take returns as long as it is initiated within 2 days from the date of receiving your purchase. YOU are responsible for shipping the product back to me. Refunds will be initiated the day after I receive the product. Please contact me by phone or email so that we can work out the details.

Cancellation Policy

The descriptions of the featured items on the website are accurate and give you a true picture of your potential purchase. I recommend that you read the description fully before submitting an order. If you have any questions or doubts about specific products, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. At this time, I do not allow order cancellations.

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