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This glamorous macrame bead necklace earrings bracelet set is absolutely stunning. Some of my customers said that they preferred stud earrings and so I decided to give both earrings (stud and dangler style) here in the set. You can wear the same necklace with two different earrings and have a new look completely. The set is available in maroon, rani pink and olive green. More colours can be customized. Each piece, including the extension dory is handmade from scratch and is available at this throwaway price. 

Laytham green bead necklace earrings bracelet set

SKU: MC#129a
₹2,470.00 Regular Price
₹1,605.50Sale Price
  • Necklace is about 14 inches long excluding the extension dory.

    Dangler earrings are about 1 inch long

    Stud earrings are1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide

    Bracelet is about 8 inches long

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