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These bead earrings took a longer time to create than most. I worked on them in three stages. First was to make the top spiral round portion in peacock blue and silver yarn (blue, rust brown, or black with silver as well). Then I designed and created the bottom floral part using the cavandoli technique in macrame. This technique uses only 1 macrame knot but is very precise and involves counting stitches/knots to create the pattern. If you look closely, the pattern matches the one on the silver rod, the eight petalled flower.


The final stage was to connect everything together. I connected the silver (gold) rod in the middle with the spiral upper part using macrame techniques as this provides maximum sturdiness and durability to the piece. The bottom part was connected using jump rings so that it would move and dangle. Further, I added crystal beads in peacock blue and silver beads (maroon and gold beads) at the bottom to make this piece more beautiful.  You will only need these earrings to complete your look. 

Mallika cavandoli dangler earrings

₹2,295.00 Regular Price
₹1,147.50Sale Price
Yarn Colour
  • Length: 5 inches

    Width: 2.5 inches

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