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I made these bead macrame earrings with a repeating loop motif in the shape of a diamond with two pink beads in the center. The thread used is a pearl white 1mm acrylic thread that shines so beautifully and is complemented so well by the dual shaded pink and white beads. If you look closely, the interior of the bead has a silvery shimmer that is truly mesmerizing. Perfect for special occassions or for everyday wear.


And you can pair it with the Swetharini bracelet which I have made with the same yarn and beads. The bracelet has a repeating leaf motif and is really beautiful.

Shwetarini macrame earrings bracelet set

SKU: mc#109
₹1,779.00 Regular Price
₹711.60Sale Price
  • Earrings:

    Length: 2 inches

    Width: 1.5 inches


    Adjustable. Comes with a handmade noose joint. Just pull on the ends and you can tighten or loosen the bracelet.

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